Construction of a New Resin Plant in Mexico by CHIMAR HELLAS

In the beginning of 2015, CHIMAR HELLAS undertook and successfully completed inside 2017, the construction of a resin plant on the part of the Mexican company Duraplay de Parral, based in Hidalgo del Parral, Chihuahua.

The above-mentioned industrial unit produces the raw materials necessary for the production of wood-based panels such as particleboard, medium density fiberboard and plywood.

In the framework of this project, CHIMAR undertook the management of the bidding procedure and relative offers, the basic design of all plants’ production units, the detailed engineering and supervision of the resin plant facilities, of the tanks’ farm, as well as of all the necessary auxiliary equipment such as the cooling tower, steam cooler, air compressor, condensate removal system etc. At the same time the equipment of the quality control laboratory was upgraded and the plant’s personnel were trained for the smooth operation of the former.

The control tests, which took place early in November 2017, were successful and all separate resin plant departments were commissioned to the customer early in December 2017.

The daily capacity of the unit regarding various types of resins is up to 170 tοnnes, whereas the storage capacity is approximately 650 m3. The plant was further equipped with a modern waste gas washing system and a waste water recycling one.

Duraplay was further benefitted from the know-how license of low emission formaldehyde-based adhesives, which conform to the most stringent legal and industrial requirements worldwide.